Friday, February 19, 2010

Review of the Tenori-ON

Tnori-on at the lab

I don't get exited too often about a new synth these days. I've got plenty to play with now. Yet I keep looking for the next thing that is going to help me break, shatter, transmorgify the sound barriers. I think I have some new plans, now with my new Tenori-ON, the Orange version. I just went through the research process, so I know the questions you may have that you can't find answers to. I'm going to tell you all the answers.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Do you need a Dynamic? Condenser? Ribbon?
For Vocals, Guitar Amps, Drums?
Learn the Answers
We have huge body of knowledge on Microphones here!
Read Tweak's Introduction to Studio Microphones. Check out theAMAZING forums on Mics. Check out Tweak's entertaining reviews of classic Mics! We have the Answers to every Mic question a new home studio enthusiast will have.

Each of these mIcs has a Sonic Signature. A studio professional can predict how each will sound on different sources. This is the basis for musing that an sm81 is good on acoustic guitars, an sm57 can do amps, the re20 can do a nice HH vocal. Then you try it and realize how much the choice of microphone affects the final recording.